Remora Trading Strategy


Start earning through the stock market with an easy, objective and profitable method.


Vittorio Sprappi


Vittorio Sprappi is a professional trader and a trading coach. He studies and works with the top Italian and European traders since 2008. In 2012, he had the opportunity of dealing with a regulated broker, learning the techniques and the strategies of the market movers in worldwide. Since then, the main target of his researches and his analyses is comprehension of the mechanisms which determine the manipulation of the Stock Market in the various phases: from Stop Hunting to Stock Market recovery, from congestion zones to volatility variations defined by macroeconomic factors. For three years, he is busy with training new traders and backing up numerous proficients, with the main target of leading the Italian Trading to the European and International levels of excellence.




Remora is the fish that clings to the shark to get carried with him and enjoy his banquet. This is what you are exactly going to do with the Market Mover, the shark of the market, once you learn the Remora Strategy.

Remora is a non-discretional method which is used by the Wall Street operators everyday. Such strategy allows you, if followed to the letter, to earn constantly in stock market without making any decision.

Almost all trading methods are based on rules to interpret, therefore they leave much room for imagination, talent and trader choices. However, with the Remora Strategy, it is not going to happen again. Indeed, with such strategy, you are going to identify ACCURATE ENTRANCE SIGNALS AND NOT AMBIGUOUS, that will allow you to operate without the anxiety of having to make interpretative choices.

I am going to teach you the Remora Strategy in 2-hour individual coaching via Skype.


During our tuition we are going to see:

-How the Echeneididae Strategy works

-The objective rules to apply

-Where to set Stop Loss and Profit Target

-How to manage the operation univocally

-The Secret of the Market Movers, prepare yourself for a shock revelation!

-Numerous operational and practical examples


In addition, after the coaching, you will have 1 MONTH FOLLOW-UP. During this period, you will send me your operations via e-mail and we will analyse them daily.


Tuition fee: 999 (tax included)


Buy the Remora Strategy now, click below. After you have completed the payment, you will receive an e-mail with the date and the time of your individual lessons.

For more information:

Learn the Remora Strategy and follow the sharks of the Stock Market. A brand-new life, your brand-new financial life is about to begin.

See you soon.
Vittorio Sprappi

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