Master in Dynamics of Market Movers


Master in Dynamics of Market Movers is a highly specialized individual and personal course addressed to for those who wish to become a professional trader.

Given the high technical and practical content, the Master is limited course and it can only be accessed through a preliminary interview in which the basic knowledge and the aptitude of potential student are evaluated.

The courses take place over three intensive days from 9 am to 4 pm. During the courses, it will be explained the exact dynamics which allow the routine manipulation of the stock market, and the techniques to be used to take advantage of the movements which result from such mechanics.

The Program for the Master:

– Where the orders are exactly placed
– “Broken Glass” Pattern and Second Retracement
– “Last Hunt” Pattern
– “Double Recovery” Pattern
– Amplitude and placement of “Stop Loss”
– “Sling Effect” and Market Manipulation

– European opening analysis
– The pattern of Market Movers
– High or Low Recovery Pattern
– “Magic Bar”
– Advanced methods of operation management
– Analysis of American opening (?) (Come si dice L’apertura Americana?)

– Analisi dell’apertura europea
– Principles of scalping
– Understanding the institutional orders from the book
– Average volatility
– Fundamentals of Trading psychology: how to anchor the stop and the losses
– Analysis of American opening (?)

The course takes place in Bologna, at the personal studio of the instructor.

Given the high content of the Master, it will not be allowed to make video or audio recordings. Slides or printed handouts regarding the topics covered during the three days will not be delivered.

Students will be encouraged to take notes, however they should not in any way disclose the content of the course.

For this reason, it will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

At the end of the course, students are followed by a free support for the time necessary for the achievement of full operational autonomy.

Price: 4990 euro + VAT

Instructor: Vittorio Sprappi

For more information about the modalities of the courses and the registration for the Master, Click Here to send me an e-mail.

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